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Since I was 7, I never lived a happy life. I was sent to my aunt’s place in Abuja to live though my dad was hesitant about my leaving. I finally started tiling with them, and the following year, my dad died. I miss him so much, I was his favourite. My aunt here has always seen me as a competition, she never wants to see me happy. She compares me to other people and even say bad things about me to her friends, she’s never satisfied with whatever I do. I feel like taking my love sometimes. I’m now 23, a graduate, no job. I can’t go out to even connect with people to get something doing because they are always wanting me around to cook and do other chores. Yet she’ll be mocking me that I’m not working and don’t know the value of money and sometimes she also rain curses on me. When it comes to her children, she tames her words but when it’s my turn, she says anything at all to me. I try my best to always please her but she always sees wrong in everything I do. It’s having a toll on my emotional and mental health. It’s also affecting my relationship with other people. She managed to suppress my confidence right from when I was little. I’m crying writing this because I don’t know who and what can save me from this…

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