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I am 23 and still in school, since I got into scho

I am 23 and still in school, since I got into school studying a course I didn’t like or even my parents wanted but it happened due to my parents directives forcing me to do what I didn’t like I have learn to move past it though and not blame anybody and embrace the position i find my self but i still feel depressed.
I’m an only child and i find myself depressed and I lack ambition, I’m nonchalant towards anything, i have a little student business I’m running, but i feel like I have lost purpose in life.
I have always been an academically inclined person but since i got into the university studying something i didn’t even dream of, This is after so many years of trying to study what my parents wanted and not getting it. I have had suicidal thoughts in the past, I feel alone I feel sad and depressed I feel like I’m supposed to be more of what I am as a person than I am I feel really depressed I need help!

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