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The major in my relationship with my girlfriend is

The major in my relationship with my girlfriend is misunderstanding. We started dating in school but when we finished from the school, the issue of misunderstanding each other became obvious. we’re currently in a long distance relationship. pls I need your help on how to resolve it.

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  1. Hi,
    The first thing is to be sure if your girlfriend still wants to make it work. Both of you have to agree and be on same page. Relationships are mutual, both sides have to be involved to make a relationship.
    Once you are certain you both want to make it work, make a list. Separately,you and your spouse should make a list of what you feel you would be doing together or saying to each other,how you treat each other if you were not in a long distant relationship. Make a broad lost ensure to write even small things and be as open as possible.
    After that make another list on the things you do now and compare. Send all to each other. Then you can invent ways to make things happen. Make out time to visit each other and when you do make that experience a memorable one.

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