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Hi to anyone seeing this, have always want to shar

Hi to anyone seeing this, have always want to share my problems with someone especially a counselor, am share to share with my family and loved once cause it’s not something am proud of too. Have been face this challenges for a long time now I feel the world and life it’s self have turned against me I don’t knw if it’s me or if that has always been my destiny. I have a son and am staying with my family, ever since the birth of my son have been trying so hard to have a better life and not letting people see me as a failure too trying to work my part straight things has not been favorable for me nothing is working, I had no other choice than to sleep with men for money too seeing am not happy with that choice I made I got depressed I wasn’t happy doing all that but I had no choice too not for long I met my partner he was what I prayed for but not the person I expected I had no choice than to stick with him cause he helped me lift my burden off, gradually I stop doing what I was doing things were going smooth but I forgot to live something behind and it’s has been another problem I got initiated into drugs then it did really get hold of me, But now have gotten use to it, I met friends in my street and I hang out with them and we do this thing offend I knw the demages it will cause me, I can’t control that feeling and I can’t easily quit am hating myself so much am also scared of losing myself, now I just feel empty I feel like giving up cause life is just the same for me things can’t straight for me, if my boyfriend leaves me I have nothing left I don’t know what my life will turn into. This was not what I planned for myself and my son. I just want to give up already, all this lifestyle is not what I choose for myself but it seem I don’t have a choice. Pls I need help

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  1. Okay….first calm down.
    You can still make it in life and have a beautiful ending.

    But, your choice and determination will play a huge role.
    Mistakes have already been made no doubt. Are you ready to turn your life around?

    You need to go to CADAM – It is a drug rehabilitation center by the Redeemed Christian Church of God. They can only help you if you are serious on stopping drug abuse.

    All in all, don’t give up on yourself, there’s a beautiful tomorrow for you. Your boyfriend leaving or staying does not determine the turn of your life. Believe in yourself, believe in God. No human being has a monopoly of how your life will turn out.

    I hope this helps.

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