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I’m frustrated. I honestly do not think I can cop

I’m frustrated. I honestly do not think I can cope again…this life is too tiring for me…I’m tired.
I honestly do not believe there’s a possibility of success for me….I’m done…I’m too scared

But I have a guy that I feel like I don’t deserve…I don’t want to frustrate his life..he’s so ambitiousand he believes in me..but I don’t believe in myself…. I feel like him being with me is like taking heavy burdens on him…

This is hard for me to do but I want to let him go…I just need to be alone….I just want to stop existing…I’m tired

2 thoughts on “I’m frustrated. I honestly do not think I can cop”

  1. Hmmm……life is a gift that many in the Intensive Care Unit of hospitals are struggling to keep. Don’t throw away yours.

    God can still make something beautiful out of your life. You need to take it easy with yourself. There are many pressures in the world today. Cast your

  2. Cast your cares and burdens o God and trust him to lead you out of your troubles one day at a time.

    Open your heart to learn what life is all about. By all means go for knowledge and learn new positive ways of coping. You may want to see a counsellor to help you in specifics.

    You need to have a sense of self so that you can overcome this feeling. Affirmations will help for now. I hope this helps.

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