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I obtained ND in marine Engr. 2012 but no employme

I obtained ND in marine Engr. 2012 but no employment due to frustration and unnecessary requirements from NIMASA board…. Ever since then I have been USELESS I’m 35years, despite trying so many businesses and hard labour jobs all result to nothing meaningful. Im living in debt and no hope of any source of income the world is crashing hard on me sir,I decided to look for an easy way to put an end to all these hardship since I don’t have any source of livelyhood I had better end it earlier than suffér here on Earth and still die at the end of the suffering… I googled and got this number just need your counselling right now

1 thought on “I obtained ND in marine Engr. 2012 but no employme”

  1. Hello nice you Googled and found truthshare firstly you know everyone reading this message will tell you not to end your life and i will say so is full of ups and downs and my Kobo advice here is someone out there is looking forward to be like you,have what you have and yet they have not the chance but they are still living,smiling and making good of the little they live on dear

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