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Juice Wrld, in his song with Halsey, said somethin

Juice Wrld, in his song with Halsey, said something I’ve always related to. He said, “sometimes, Life’s a mess”, and it sure is. I don’t mean to sound like a victim, but I feel like I always get the bad side of life. Nothing works out the way I hope it would, so I get scared of planning anything. If I get too excited about anything, something comes along and ruins it. It has made me so negative and distrustful of any positivity around me. But I hide it so well, that no one ever knows what im thinking inside. No one knows the chaos and struggles in my head. I want to be happy and free, but I can’t help it. Not with my track record.

1 thought on “Juice Wrld, in his song with Halsey, said somethin”

  1. Hi.i know you had plans in your head to write this message on this site and it actually worked out so you see it’s not everything that you plan that does not work out it just some which is actually common to all man.
    I wish you can have a positive orientation and believe.

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