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I grew up in a family were at a very young age pro

I grew up in a family were at a very young age probably at 5 years of age I began to wonder if something was wrong with me, Imagine that! I was always being verbally abused; compared to, criticized, complained about, insulted, etc. There was always a task, a level, something I was incompetent about. To me I could do no right or better put as I read in a book this statement; “Twice I did good that I heard never once I did bad, that I heard ever”. And this kind of pressure from my parents especially my father weighed on me so much that soon I started having esteem issues, I started doubting myself and the little boy who was never intimidated by the crowd and was a jolly good fellow, the life of the party as I was told started becoming withdrawn from family, from friends in response to the pressure of my parents which was almost ceaseless. But the thing is they were acting out of good intentions and wanted the best for me but I guess they got the how, wrong. I survived my childhood by silence or finding desolate places to hide. I don’t have a relationship with my parents and my younger siblings and I don’t know how to socialize with others I am confused and keep doubting myself. this is affecting my dreams and my plans for my Life. This is my story!!

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  1. continuation of my story above…

    I know we succeed in life, not by forcing things but by applying wisdom, I am a 24-year-old male struggling but determined, I will be more, and I will fulfill all my dreams in life but I need gracious help, Please I need therapist but I can’t afford one now…

  2. Hi, you are not alone and i want you to be strong, i understand you are very observant and being observant is one of the secret of wining most of these trial you have mentioned. Just trya nd put all your observations into action and try your possible best to talk to a counselor.

    start giving your mind a healthy thoughts and focus on positive things.

    1. thanks for your words I appreciate it, I am trying to get a therapist I saw one qualified on this platform but beyond my budget, but I will try to get one, again thanks!

      1. But we have volunteers counsellors also on this platform.

        Although I don’t understand exactly what you mean by a qualified therapist.

    2. Oh, thank you I didn’t see it, prior when I went through the website I saw only the paid counsellors. I will contact one of the volunteer therapists on the platform. Thanks.

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