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Struggling from child, went to college was a good

Struggling from child, went to college was a good girl, graduate with a good result, served the country,hustled yet no job, am useless to myself and family, tired of existing without adding any impacts,poor and forsaken, married wrongly gave birth via Cs
I’m depressed and forgotten
I jus want to end this all and go rest beyond.

2 thoughts on “Struggling from child, went to college was a good”

  1. there is something you need to try and until you try it, things will be the same.
    life is really tough and tougher to those who do same thing always without making a change.
    talking to a counselor can help you.

  2. Ending it all is not the best solution. have you ever thought about life deeply? things dont always work out the way you plan, its you that will plan the way it should work out for you. you need help to come out of your shell and explore the real you and what you can actually make out of life. Everyone has a place to fit in.

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