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I’m so pissed because I thought I was doing the ri

I’m so pissed because I thought I was doing the right thing. One of my classmates played a dirty ball trick on me where he threw of paper and it flew right between my legs. I would have waived it off with a simple sorry but he decided to laugh and mock me then I got so pissed and lost my temper. It resulted into me slapping him in class that day. To me it felt right but to everyone one else I was so wrong and taken to be aggressive and hot tempered. What hurts the most is how the people I thought were my Friends turned their backs on me. Fuck them!!
I know I over reacted with the slap but it was just in the heat of the moment.

3 thoughts on “I’m so pissed because I thought I was doing the ri”

  1. Hellooo

    I feel you too, I once had a classmate tie my belt to the chair and started laughing as I struggled to untie myself when I was really pressed… When I untied myself I slapped him. People said I was over reacting but I don’t think I was.

    Laughing in such a situation is not funny, don’t be too hard on yourself. You stood up for yourself… I am not an advocate of violence ooo, but that slap was deserved.

  2. Otilo 😂 e don go. It’s in the past now, move on girl! We learn everyday and we move✈️
    Don’t let fear of rejection from others steal your joy. You have no idea how beautiful life gets when you stop seeking people’s validation, approval and appreciation. This is what the world is suffering from today, you see that a lot also on social media. People getting their standard of beauty from the world (likes and comments). When you’re wrong, you admit it, you forgive yourself and learn from it but never living in regret because you’re afraid of rejection.

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