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I don’t know if my dreams will just remain a dream

I don’t know if my dreams will just remain a dream. I’m a student and also growing my small business. I really need financial help, my parents are not helping matters at all. They see me as a failure
Most time I feel very down and want to kill myself sometimes, nothing seems to be working fine in my life, just stagnant.

1 thought on “I don’t know if my dreams will just remain a dream”

  1. Forget about who sees you as a failure, the only one whose opinion truly matters is yours and yours only in life. Do you realize that even if everyone believes in you or your potential and deep within you doubt your own abilities, you can’t have your desired results in life, that would cause limitations for you, it would be the barrier, that’s why it’s called a stronghold. Or let me put it this way…you must have had friends or met people that have great potentials in certain areas and maybe you even notice it and compliment or give them advise on developing that potential but they have a hard time believing it for themselves. So that means it really doesn’t matter if they see you as a failure or a success, what’s most important is how you see yourself. You need to believe in yourself and don’t limit yourself to perceived rejection from people, that’s low self-esteem and don’t limit yourself to your present circumstance and past experiences. Instead think only on ‘what’ you want now in life, and you’ll be surprised what a miracle the brain is, if you can just think of what you want. It’s as simple as thinking ‘i want a car’ and automatically your brain presents to you ‘how’ to get what you want and after you know your ‘what’ and your ‘how’ then your ‘why’. The ‘why’ is important because it’s the fuel you need to be focused, committed, disciplined and persistent(when you feel like quitting the process). Another practical example: I want to get admission into the university this year. Wow! my brain just automatically delivered the how to me. First I need to register for jamb and get all the necessary materials to prepare myself for the exam. And if I lose motivation when reading, I remind my self ‘why’ I must keep on reading because of ‘the vision ahead’, admission into the university.
    Note: Don’t try to figure out how when you haven’t figured out what you want, it would be a struggle, it’ll only cause frustration. That’s what people are going through this days, subconsciously believing their negative subconscious mind. Instead of simply thinking on what they want that will automatically produce their hows.
    It’s basically the same approach, a simple exercise we practice everyday: What I feel like eating produces how to prepare it and have my craving met. Where I’m I going to produces how to get to my destination.
    I hope this helps!

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