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Hello..Im 21 years old female.. I’ve been feeling

Hello..Im 21 years old female.. I’ve been feeling so alone lately and empty even though I have so many friends, I don’t know if it’s a temporary thing but I also feel stressed out very easily and feel like my mind is shutting down..and it’s such a scary feeling it makes me feel something is wrong with me..I just want to know if this feeling is normal and ill eventually get over it..or if its something I should worry about..and a way to cope with it..thank you so much for listening

2 thoughts on “Hello..Im 21 years old female.. I’ve been feeling”

  1. Hello it’s normal these day where we are not getting satisfied over anything,we want things we don’t even want but it will still be nice to talk to a professional who will guide you through .

  2. It may take some time, but it’s very possible to build new relationships or deepen existing connections in your life. If you aren’t sure what you can do to feel less lonely, consider reaching out to a therapist on Truthshare via who can offer help and support.

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