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My life since I was born have not been easy for me

My life since I was born have not been easy for me… I don’t even know how to start… but am scared that am becoming psycho… like I talk to myself lately… I do talk to myself when I was still little but I stopped because momcy said I was playing too much…. I have always been doing everything in my power to support my family… I end up finding out that they are not my biological parents… my world started becoming worst… my dad late… and for momcy is love money and herself more than anything… I want to be a musician but momcy is forcing me to be a doctor and it totally not easy to have a different thing from what she want for u, I have been depressed and feel like nobody love me cause no one ever did… guys my story is complicated swrs😔 and I know nobody will even still be able to understand… I just wish to die

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  1. Although the feeling that nobody really loves you is very deep, the exit may not be so far away. Sometimes it’s just about forgiving those who haven’t loved us because of their own emotional limitations. To admit that their hostility had much more to do with them than us.

    It also implies forgiving ourselves, because, we didn’t actually do — or stop doing — anything that would’ve made us deserving of such indifference. Understand that there’s nothing wrong with you and that any feelings of guilt you have is baseless.

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