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I am a graduate of Physiotherapy, after completing

I am a graduate of Physiotherapy, after completing my NYSC I started job hunting but nothing was working. I got an email for a job interview in Kaduna only to get there and it turned out they were fraudsters; I was abducted and my account was emptied (funds I was saving to process my UK practicing license) and they also collected ransom from my family before dropping me off after 3 days.

I kept searching for job but it almost seems like it’s spiritual cos one moment something promising is coming up and then all of a sudden i get a negative response.

I cry all night atimes without my family knowing and my family even had to into serious debt to pay the ransom initially.

I mostly have this thought of just ending things cos life is just terrible to me. I feel lost

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  1. Hi,it’s really hard to be in that space,but think about the fact that you actually saved initially that you used for ransom sorry again.but i think you can do it again to pursue your dream.if have a plan to save it makes you have hope and hopes gives life meaning.

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