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Hi, life hasn’t been fair too me I think I was ver

Hi, life hasn’t been fair too me I think I was very sick in the year 2021 that happens to be the year I want too write (WAEC,NECO AND JAMB) I couldn’t go to school for two terms I was only in school for first term and after that first term am always at home I only go too school for registration or practical for preparation for the external exams. Those period of time was really really hard on me am always in pain feeling weak that affect me emotionally am a very cheerful person and very forward with people I know am cool when I meet new people but after getting sick for 8months I stop doing things I used to do like visiting my friends going out posting on social media infact I stopped taking photos. why? Cause during those times I was sick the only people that was there for me are few and since that time I turn my self too an outcast more of an introvert after then I applied to oou and was accepted I was very happy that maybe if I change environment and meet new people I will be my old self but I was sick again and couldn’t pay acceptance fee and was at home dealing with my loneliness and sometimes sickness for a whole year I couldn’t learn work cause m too fragile too cut the long story short before the year ends after Christmas on the 27 till 3rd of this year I was sick again but m fine now apparently m not sickle cell I just get sick alot m cause anybody reading this might be wondering I ended and start a new year with sickness although m happy for been alive and seeing my family and overcoming every sickness. So now I decided to start the year thinking positively and trying to apply for jamb so I can gain admissions to any university in lagos cause I can’t do long distance. All this long story is that whenever I want too go out I have anxiety and am having hard time fighting it I can’t even go too church m only 19 but m leaving like m in my 20s haven’t enjoyed any of my teenage years I only enjoyed my teenage year when I was 15&16 and this is my last Teenage year and it like my enemy is in a boundage, I haven’t really tell anybody what is wrong with me or how I am feeling.

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