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I really don’t have friends. I stay in a hostel of

I really don’t have friends. I stay in a hostel of four girls including me but they all have friends that come visiting but I don’t. Even outside school, I still don’t.
I’m good looking but then, any one I want to make friends with always want something from me including females.
My whole life has just been there even when the guy I’m dating also decided to quit. It’s been so lonely and alone ever since. I also stay in a city where I just lost my Mom recently, my other family members stay elsewhere cause of school or work and I’ve just been having crazy thoughts. I have also been starving myself for days now ’cause nothing actually makes any sense.

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  1. Hi, I know it must be tough to go through life like this. Humans crave love, happiness, and affection, and when these factors are not reciprocated it becomes extremely challenging to have a joyful life.

    There was a point in my life when I felt empty, alone, and restless and I tried my best to use certain tools for escapism. I still felt lonely but gradually I started appreciating life better and facing my challenges without feeling the need to attach my self-worth to anybody or even feeling like I need some form of validation.

    So I am quite certain that whatever you are going through, you got this.

    I am currently a counselor on Truthshare and I will be more than happy to help you to overcome your challenges. I specialize in Depression Counseling so reach out to me if ever you need someone to talk to when you feel the chips are down.

    My booking link is here:

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