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I feel like I’m not worthy of anything good and I

I feel like I’m not worthy of anything good and I hate myself because most of the time I feel alone even with people around I need help because I’m going through a lot right now

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  1. Life gets hard and that is a fact. Most times we don’t get to choose what situation we intend to experience in life and so things happen to us when we least expect it.

    This is why it is important to live life without having any expectations.

    A couple of ways to help you on your healing journey will be to identify the cause of the hate you have for yourself, so writing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings in a journal will help to start the healing process.

    Also, learn to give gratitude to God even in the smallest of victories, that way you can begin to see the good in your life.

    Regular exercise and a good diet can help to support your healing journey as well.

    Try these tips for the next six months and ensure you record them in a journal as well.

    I am available for further counseling and you can book a session with me here.

    Remember 50 percent of what you give to life will return back 50 percent of the way you react to the result that comes out of it.

    Take care and enjoy your life today.

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