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In summary, I’ve been in horrible relationships wi

In summary, I’ve been in horrible relationships with men in the past especially in school that I put myself into and I didn’t hide anything from my boyfriend who is now my husband. We got married and I sure have been faithful ever since.
Recently, I had a miscarriage and all I keep hearing is how I was loose in school and all that’s left for him is the remnants of other men, I can never be trusted and all demeaning words.

I took bleach hoping it will kill me but it’s been almost 48 hours and nothing has happened, I just wish I wasn’t in his life so he could be happier without me, I have nobody to talk to asides a few friends, no parents, no close relatives. I just want to believe that when I die, the world will be a better place for my husband:

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  1. hello friend,its not really a bad thing you did by telling your husband the truth about your relationships before marriage maybe he was not ready enough to know so much.apart from taking your life and giving him a child do you know of any other thing you can do to make him have peace.incase you dont know you can think of some

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