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Our relationship will be two years by march I hav

Our relationship will be two years by march

I have been dating this guy,it’s a distance relationship tho,at first it was going well,but recently he doesn’t have time for me,it’s like he is never interested In what I have to say,he doesn’t call,and never in the mood for communication,tho he still claims I am the only woman in his life,I don’t know if I should leave him be or just sit calm and keep waiting for his mind to come back.

1 thought on “Our relationship will be two years by march I hav”

  1. It’s important to communicate your feelings to him in a calm and respectful way. Try having an open conversation with him about how you feel; let him know you would like to talk more with him and ask if there are any specific reasons why he has not been giving you attention or talk to you as he used to.

    Listen to his response and try to understand his perspective. Maybe his been busy with work or going through some personal challenges that’s affecting his ability to be fully present in your relationship.

    However, if he is not willing to make changes so you both can build a healthy relationship, then you may need to rethink if you still want to invest your time and energy into the relationship. Remember, it’s important to prioritize your well-being and happiness in any relationship.

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