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Please I need advices I’m 27 and I’m currently in

Please I need advices

I’m 27 and I’m currently in a relationship and I’ve been feeling very good about it cos the energy and the vibes from it feels so positive and connected.

But the issue here is that the relationship is a distance one.
I live with my overprotective parents who have been detecting life for me and making choices for me my whole life.

At my age I can’t even express myself and make choices cos they’re always detecting everything I do and say.

Now I have the need to go visit my bf, but I do not know how to go about it.

Pls kindly help me advice on how I would go about it. Cos I don’t even know how this relationship would survive because of distance, and how my parents think too small of me and my decisions for myself..

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  1. It can be frustrating to feel like you’re constantly being told what to do, especially as an adult. It’s important to remember that your parents likely have your best interests at heart and may be trying to offer guidance and support.

    However, it’s also important for you to establish healthy boundaries and assert your independence as an adult. You can try having a calm and respectful conversation with your parents about how you feel and explain that you would like more autonomy in your decision-making process.

    It may also be helpful to set clear boundaries with your parents and communicate your needs and preferences. It is important to find a balance between maintaining a healthy relationship with your parents while also asserting your independence as an adult.

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