Whenever I watched American got talents, especially when the contestants are singing. There’s always tears dropping down from my eyes. I love music with passion and wanted to do more to be a good singer because my parents weren’t always available, I couldn’t pick up that talent.
I have done all sort of jobs to make earnings when I was very young to survive with my siblings and keep them safe from societal foes. I was same time a church boy that loves to serve in the Lord’s vineyard at different capacity with different kinds of persons.

It wasn’t long I was ordained a pastor and resigned from my oil and gas job to serve the Lord. Honestly, I’d wish I had someone to advise me probably I won’t be writing this story.
God bless my wife and her patients in these trying times and understanding too. Immediately, I was ordained same year we got married 2015 had our first son, we didn’t have another after two miscarriages. Then came my sack later 2020 after five years of total service to God and the church, midnight prayers, visitation, counseling. The worse, I was sack with nothing no pension or anything benefits whatever. Then I began to regret lots of things I ought not to have done before. We move out of the residents for me as a pastor and had a smaller apartment with my wife pregnant for our second child. We couldn’t Cole with the apartment because of space and moved to a bigger one since we were expecting another baby. I had to start supporting my wife with her business with covid restrictions challenges and all.

Today, we have three kids, and I am yet to be employed with a good job that will make my wife start another business altogether. The business we are into is good, the stress is much on her and I don’t want that for her, I try to assist with all I can. I do most of the cooking and shores at home. Why am sharing this story is because i thought I had it figured out already and the company came out of the blue and changed the whole process. Today as a H.S.E officer, a criminologist and programmer I seek employment in a good reputation company.

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  • Anonymous
    12:39 AM, 2 March 2023

    Be persistent and keep applying for jobs until you find the right fit, identify your strengths, skills, and experience. This will help you narrow down the type of job you should be looking for.
    prepare for job interviews by researching the company and practicing your answers to common interview questions.

    Don’t be discouraged by rejection or lack of response. Continue refining your job search strategy and continue to network and build your skills and keep the hope alive.

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