Writing this with no sadness or pain again because I’ve cried it all out, I’m just indecisive about what I’m supposed to do, my story is about me not loving myself enough, I was thinking and hoping someone else loves me more, he made me feel I wasn’t enough.

I’m in a relationship with a 36-year-old and when I met him, I felt I met my world. We will be 2 years by April. I love him so much, but I noticed he’s a constant cheat and he is so secretive; I cannot even hold his phone not to talk of knowing his passwords. it’s a distant relationship and
the problem began after I found him cheating with a guest he brought to stay in his house late last year , I lost confidence, I became insecure, heard from a trusted friend he’s still in love and In a relationship with his Ex that got married years back and they both stay in the same community , work in the health sector, visit each other secretly and all, I confronted him and it’s been series of lies.

My problem is, I confronted him in an immature way and I used lots of cursing and words I didn’t mean. He has changed towards me, he is not caring, doesn’t call, texts differently and I’m finding it difficult to leave and move on with my life. It is so difficult cause I really do love him, tried talking to him so we can fix things but i think he probably doesn’t want the relationship anymore but don’t want end it; the connection between us isn’t there anymore.

What do I do 😢
It’s obvious I’m to walk away but it’s really hard.

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  • Anonymous
    12:26 PM, 27 March 2023

    Hello friend.

    It is sad to know you have had to deal with this. If you really do love him then try having a conversation with him, talk about the things you think he needs to work on, and you both can find ways to deal with your differences. Seek the help of a counsellor if you think having a conversation with your partner won’t do it.

    You might also want to consider moving on from the relationship; it will hurt you at first but you will certainly be fine. It is better to feel hurt and heartbroken for a while then heal and find genuine love with someone who respects you than to be with someone who treats like you are not important or doesn’t respect you.

    You deserve to be loved, valued and respect by someone you are in a relationship with.

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