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I’m crying as I typed this down, who’ll be my savi

I’m crying as I typed this down, who’ll be my savior? Nobody. People said you’re the leader of your own life buh why does it seems like I’m the follower. I need help but I’m getting none people don’t know what I’m passing through. I was never the tough type, I’ve always been soft, soft on the inside, soft on the outside this world is just too much for me to handle even my family thinks I’m okay. They send me to school hoping I would become a chattered accountant some day I really wish they knew school is the least thing I needed right now. I’m a sadist ever since I can pen down my own name. My younger sister is wiser than me and she behaves more like an adult than I’ve ever been I just wish I’m somebody else. The girl I’ve been is worthless. I have no dream, no future, no forsight. I hate myself and committing suicide is the best solution I could think of. Life I accept your defeat. If you ever come across this Mom I’m deeply sorry accept my apologies. I love you. I cry too much.


1 thought on “I’m crying as I typed this down, who’ll be my savi”

  1. It might be beneficial to talk to a trusted individual, such as a friend, member of your family, or a mental health professional, if you are feeling overburdened. They can help you explore other options for the future and provide support and assistance.

    It’s critical to keep in mind that neither your current situation nor your feelings define who you are. You have the ability to alter both your attitude and your way of living. Your life has significance and purpose, and you are precious, loved and valued.

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