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My whole life I had no ambition, dream, goal. I ne

My whole life I had no ambition, dream, goal. I need inspiration how do I get my life together start my life afresh, I’m also very awkward around people especially boys. I have anxiety disorder because of that. My life is in a mess.


1 thought on “My whole life I had no ambition, dream, goal. I ne”

  1. It’s normal to occasionally feel perplexed or lost, and it’s acceptable to not have all the answers right away. Set achievable goals for yourself. Start small and work your way up; Increase the challenge of your goals gradually as you start getting comfortable and confident in your strength and see that your goals are actually achievable.

    Think about your strengths. Everyone has special talents and skills. Create a list of your strengths and figure out how you could utilise them. It’s essential to surround yourself with supportive and motivating individuals from your family or friend group. Think about contacting a counsellor too, they can help you learn ways to cope this the emotions you are feeling.

    Remember, it is okay to step out of your comfort area; practice selfcare and also try new things. Focus to your strength and not your weaknesses and don’t give up on yourself because with consistent effort comes improvement.

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