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I always feel like I’m the problem whenever I have

I always feel like I’m the problem whenever I have an argument with someone,they see me like an argumentative person meanwhile I’m only trying to express my opinion,this really disturbs me because I’m an overthinker.


1 thought on “I always feel like I’m the problem whenever I have”

  1. Feelings of self-doubt and anxiety are typical, especially for people who have a tendency to overthink things. Disagreement may worsen these feelings and cause us to worry about how other people view us. However, it is important to understand that expressing one’s point of view is a fundamental part of interpersonal communication and it is necessary for personal growth. Speaking our minds and expressing our opinions openly can promote constructive debate, deepen our comprehension of various viewpoints, and eventually improve communication skills.

    Learn to express your opinion respectfully and always pay attention to the other persons point of view. This will help the conversation to be more productive, while expressing your thoughts and maintaining respect for others.

    Keep in mind that disagreements and conflicts are part of human interaction. What matters most is how we navigate the complicated roads of disagreement. You can effectively express your opinions while maintaining healthy relationships if you listen empathically, actively, and in a respectful manner. It’s a skill that demands time and practice, but the benefit of getting this skill is worth it.

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