My husband is an alcoholic addict, so because of this spiritual leaders take advantage of me, by making me believe in them and fall in love with them. But the one that happened recently is about a pastor whom my neighbour introduced to my husband for deliverance about his alcohol addiction caused my family and he believed it could be resolved spiritually when the pastor prayed for him he stopped drinking for some months, which led to my conversion cause am from a Muslim home likewise my husband. What happened made me like the religion of Christianity and the pastor’s family. My Christian walk was awesome and I started walking in God’s light. The ministry started through me, The Pastor has been led by the spirit of God to start a ministry in Lagos but has no finances cause they will need accommodation I willingly asked them to come over from Ilorin which led to the dream I dreamt about. They lived with my family for 4months, my mum-in-law and my family started drama you accommodated the pastor’s family we will disown you, the trouble here and there that if not for God their stay would have made scattered my marriage but to the glory of God, God took control. Before they left I saw the wife character She’s someone who pretends a lot to be nice but she’s not, she doesn’t appreciate people feels entitled and badmouths but I accommodated all because she’s the pastor’s wife
I was active and supportive in the ministry, The pastor’s wife is someone who is not educated and is not fluent in the English language so the Pastor gave me work to do which she’s not pleased with which I perceive but do ignore cause is God’s work am serving him not them
I trusted pastor a lot and discussed everything about myself and family with him, my husband issue came back, he started drinking so I saw the pastor as someone I could confide in as a spiritual father which led to our closeness and the pastor told me he will help however he can to make sure my husband alcohol will not affect me and I trusted him with everything, his guidance helps a lot which led to me falling in love with him
After then an issue occurred between me and my husband which led me to stay with pastor’s family.His wife begin to give me attitude which make me leave their home
I call the relationship a quit because is not right and also the wife already suspected. So since then, the wife will continued to monitor the pastor and me whenever I tell the pastor he is covered up for the wife, He is the type that always sides with the wife whether she’s wrong or right
I just noticed Pastors attitude

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  • Truthshare
    9:30 PM, 25 August 2023

    It seems that you got into a situation that is both difficult and emotionally complicated. It is normal for people who are struggling to turn to spiritual leaders for comfort and guidance. It is sad that sometimes when spiritual leaders may take advantage of this weakness.

    You should be commended for recognising the potential problems in your relationship with the pastor and choosing to remove yourself from such situation. It is advisable you seek the help of a counsellor who can you give you guidance on how to cope with your husband’s drinking problem.

    It is important to put your wellbeing first in this kind of situations and also make decisions that are in line with your values; I applaud you for recognising the potential problems in your relationship with this pastor and choosing to remove yourself from it.

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