Having a problem dealing with my partner.
I consider him a narcissist but yet don’t know how to let go.
He gets angry at every slight mistakes
Ignores me for days
Says words like “don’t say you love me because you don’t”,
“Forget me, it’s for your own good”,
” If it’s so difficult to care, then stop caring about me” etc
Throw degrading comments on me and says he was only joking when he knows it would hurt me and when I get angry over it, he gets upset.
It’s a long distance relationship but I have to beg for communication.
Doesn’t have much to contribute in a conversation even when I try to push him to share somethings, the moment I run out of topics for discussion, he leaves like it’s no big deal.
When I decide I got nothing to say and leaves also, he gets mad and stays angry until I have to beg him.
Barely apologies because he said he would take responsibilities for his actions when he feels there’s need for it.
Outside these things, there re still some good sides which is probably preventing me from leaving because am too afraid that I might regret it.
I feel I love him more than he does and more than I even love myself.
This is my first experience at love and deep down, I feel love shouldn’t always hurt as much as this does.
I would really love a critical council on this. Feel free to give me a genuine opinion even if it might not go down well.
Thank you 🙏

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  • Truthshare
    5:31 AM, 20 September 2023

    It’s seems you are really going through emotional stress in the relationship. Spend some time to think about the things you desire and deserve in a relationship; does his positive features or character surpass the bad ones?

    Clearly communicate your concerns to him and set boundaries in those areas you feel he steps out of bounds. Seek counselling if the situation gets to overwhelming for you or confide in close friends and family; speaking about what you are experiencing helps reduce the burden on you.

    Sometimes, it’s best to move on from toxic relationships, love should bring you peace and happiness; not pain and confusion.

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