My boyfriend is really making me feel like questioning myself most times. I feel like can he really get married to me. I have waited for 2 years so that he can be through with school, now his national youth service is next year.

Then he will start planning on job hunting. I feel like if I decided to wait for all these years, hope he won’t end up telling me that he can’t get married to me? Or maybe he might feel like he is already in love with someone else.
Though I tried talking to him about how I feel and think, but he said I should stop thinking negative. He said is God said we are meant for each other; nothing will separate us.

  • Truthshare
    8:03 PM, 1 October 2023

    It’s natural to have concerns and doubts in a relationship, especially when there are significant life milestones like marriage involved. It’s good that you have communicated your feelings with your boyfriend. Continue to talk with your boyfriend about your concerns, fears, and expectations regarding your relationship and its future. Ensure that you both understand each other’s perspectives.

    Reflect on your values, goals, and compatibility as a couple. Also believing in your love and commitment can help you overcome challenges. If your doubts persist, consider seeking guidance from a relationship counselor or therapist. They can provide professional guidance to help strengthen your relationship.

    Remember that you both must make an effort, communicate, and compromise for a relationship to work out. The choice of whether to wait or proceed should ultimately be on your mutual understanding and agreement with your boyfriend.

  • Haisha
    12:14 PM, 6 October 2023

    First of all, it is important that you know that “It takes two to tango”.

    The question here is not about whether your boyfriend hasn’t finished school or whether it’s going to take longer to be through with service and job searching.

    The real question you need to ask yourself are the following:
    * Do you guys discuss about your future plans and Does he include you in his plans?
    * Does his life goals and aspirations matches yours?
    * Does he prioritize you in all he does?
    * Are there any signs of red flags that you’ve been neglecting or ignoring and which you think won’t be there any more when you both eventually gets married?
    * Does he have definite plans for his future, and does this plans includes you? And does this future plans fits into yours

    * Is he always treating you right enough and giving you assurance at all times with his actions and words that you’re the only one for him?

    Dear sis, all these questions and more are what you should be asking yourself and you must be able to answer concisely.

    If you need help clarifying answers to all these questions you can sign up to work with a counselor. There are very affordable ones here.

    It is important that you know that marriage is a lifelong commitment. As a baby girl that want a sweet, peaceful and happy marriage. You need to do your homework diligently

    We’ve seen lots of cases where ladies wait for there partner in vain, it also happens to men. But the red flags are always there. We just always choose to ignore them.

    You deserve the best. Never underestimate your power as a woman. Never settle for less.

    Wish you all the best.

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