Well, I see myself as a disobedient child cause how well could I described myself after doing something so awful. I promised myself I would not be one of those girls. I hoped I had thought this through. I didn’t think of my parents and my siblings before doing it. I’m a liar and I stupidly believed a liar. Look what it had gotten me. Sleepless nights, overthinking, unable to focus on my studies, and my exam is on the 27th of this month.

I feel like a disgrace and a disappointment among my peers. Only if I could turn back time and undo my mistakes. Others are living a perfect, holy and pure life here I am trying to turn back time. I’m jealous of their lives. It’s something I could have avoided. I love my mom. I pray for God’s forgiveness. I’m regretting my actions I hope she (mom) forgives me I hope I forgive myself. I hope I’m not pregnant. I’m just a 100-level student and I have no help but myself. What will I do if my mom finds out. My life is a mess.

  • Truthshare
    8:56 PM, 7 November 2023

    Be gentle with yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes; to acknowledge your feelings and not be too hard on yourself. To avoid similar situations in the future, it’s crucial to identify any recurring patterns or triggers that contributed to your previous choices. Ask yourself what thoughts, emotions, or external circumstances influenced your decision-making, and how you can recognize and address them earlier next time. Additionally, seek alternative perspectives or advice from trusted individuals who can offer a fresh viewpoint on your situation. Taking the time to reflect and learn from your experiences will strengthen your decision-making skills and help you navigate future challenges with greater clarity and confidence.

    If your actions have caused harm to others, especially your family, it may not be easy, but discussing your feelings and seeking forgiveness can help repair trust and strengthen your relationships. Reach out to friends, family, or a trusted person to share your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, just talking to someone you trust can provide emotional relief and guidance. It’s understandable that this situation is affecting your ability to focus on your studies. Try to set aside time for focused study and regain control of your academic life. If you find it hard to cope with your emotions and anxiety, consider speaking with a counselor. They can provide you with valuable guidance and support during difficult times.

    Healing and moving on from difficult situations is a process that requires time and patience. It is important to be kind to yourself and have faith in your ability to overcome this challenging period in your life. It’s crucial to understand that nobody’s life is flawless, and we all encounter obstacles and errors. The key lies in our willingness to learn from these experiences and progress.

  • Queen
    9:31 PM, 7 November 2023

    Should I tell my sisters or my mom what if they hate me forever for it. I’m sorry to use this word on me ( I’m a damaged goods) crying over spilt milk. I haven’t seen my period ever since that day. The boy is okay. I’m the one with the problem now. Crying, having eating disorder, my friends are complaining about my eating disorder. I’m loosing sleep day and night. I’m stupid ahhh. This was not the promise I made to myself. A day is just going to disrupt everything just like that. How I wished I hadn’t done that.

    • Truthshare
      6:14 AM, 8 November 2023

      It’s only wise you share with someone you can trust. Run a pregnancy test if it’s been more than 21 days since you engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse; confirm your results before sharing the mews.

      You can tell your siblings first, so they can join you to help tell your mom.

  • Queen
    6:41 AM, 8 November 2023

    It’ll be 21 days tomorrow. Should I run it tomorrow or days after.

    • Truthshare
      8:42 AM, 8 November 2023

      Yes, it’s best to run a urine test by tomorrow morning and a blood test also.

  • Queen
    9:34 AM, 8 November 2023

    Ok I’ll do that and get back to you. Thanks for your time and words of advice Truth Share.

    • Queen
      7:00 PM, 9 November 2023

      I did the test today but instead of urinal test they only did the blood test and the result came out negative. I’m happy cause I saw a streak of blood in my pant today, I hope it’s my period. I’m sad cause everytime I walked around the neighborhood it feels as if I’m naked. And everywhere I go someone is talking about virginity, pre-marital sex, unwanted pregnancy and so on, it’s just making it so hard for me to breathe. I pray God forgives me and my mom and siblings too.

  • Queen
    8:43 PM, 9 November 2023

    I think the blood I saw is from spotting. Implantation bleeding. It changes from red to brown. What if I’m really pregnant.

    • Truthshare
      6:37 AM, 10 November 2023

      Do not worry yourself too much about what is happening in your surroundings. Think of it less as a problem, remember God is a forgiving father. If you wait another week and you still don’t get your period; run the pregnancy test again.

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