I’m an orphan. I get into relationship with this guy one year ago, we’re always good together and we love each other we do fight but we resolve everything.
Last four months I found out I was pregnant; I’m really terrified about it causes I’m always on pills, and I’m not ready to have a child cause we’re not financially stable. I took abortion pills when the pregnancy was three weeks.
After two months of taking the pills, I didn’t see my monthly period. I went for scan and find out that the child is still there, we decided to keep it cos the pregnancy is three months then to avoid complications.
After a week I had miscarriage which is very complicated during the process I fought with my boyfriend cos he started acting as if he doesn’t care.

I become heartbroken because everything is hard for me to process and out of anger, I told him we’re breaking up.
To my surprise, he immediately agreed to it. After some days I went to his place to beg him, but he said he don’t want to have anything to do with me he blocked me on every social media.
I found out he was moving on well and I’m having problem of doing so. I cried a lot and lost a lot of weight I couldn’t concentrate again at work I just keep thinking about him every minute.
Please help me I also want to move on but the memories we created keeps hurting me.

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  • Truthshare
    10:44 AM, 27 November 2023

    I apologize for the tough situation you’re currently facing. Dealing with both a miscarriage and a breakup can undoubtedly be extremely demanding. It’s crucial to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being during this challenging time. Consider talking to a therapist or counselor who can provide you with ways to cope and a safe space to express your emotions.

    Seek assistance from loved ones, friends for emotional support; It might be calming to express your emotions to other people. Take care of your physical and emotional needs, take all the time you need to heal and recover. As you work on your recovery, also focus on your personal growth and development, invest in yourself.
    If seeing your ex-partner’s activities is causing you distress, consider blocking him or taking a break from social media. you can also try talking to him to gain closure but respect his decision if he is not open to it.

    Moving on from a difficult situation takes time and it is important to recognize that it takes times. It is normal to feel different range of emotions but with the right assistance, you can heal and move on.

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