young african couple giving their first kiss on their wedding day

Marriage is a journey.  You wake up one day as a married man or woman and then live in that status for the rest of your life. Some people would argue that marriage is the most important aspect of life before a career. Why? Because your career ends after some years, but marriage is lifelong. So basically, it’s important that you get it right. With the level of significance that marriage brings to one’s life, it’s also important to ensure you’re emotionally prepared for the journey ahead.

Let’s explore some key points to note when preparing for marriage:

But wait! Are you really ready?

Take a moment to reflect on your emotions and genuine intentions regarding marriage. Are you ready to share your life with someone else? Or do you just want to experience the glamour of being a bride or a groom, and frustrate single people on Instagram with your couple photos? How about you consider your level of emotional maturity and willingness to commit to a lifelong partnership?

Manage your expectations.

You must have heard some married people around you say things like “Marriage is not easy o”, or “Marriage will humble you”. Well, marriage does require a lot of effort and compromise. So you need to understand this about marriage and have realistic expectations. Discuss your hopes, dreams, and concerns with your partner, and create shared goals for your future together.

You need great communication and conflict-resolution skills

One major ingredient of a healthy marriage is effective communication. Practice active listening and empathy, and learn how to express your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. Whenever you have challenges or disagreements, because you will have many of them, your conflict-resolution skills need to be top-notch to get it all sorted peacefully.

Overall, you need to understand all about commitment.

This especially goes to both the man and the woman. Reflect on your values, goals, and priorities, and assess whether you’re ready to prioritize your partner’s needs alongside yours. Because marriage requires a strong commitment to your partner and the relationship.

Marriage is an ongoing journey that requires self-reflection, effective communication, and a willingness to grow together if you want to enjoy it. By taking the time to assess your readiness and build a strong foundation for your relationship, you can begin this new chapter of your life with confidence and commitment.

Finally, if you feel uncertain or worried about this journey, and urgently need to speak with someone, we’re here for you. Feel free to leave a message for us here and we’ll connect with you right away.

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