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I don’t have f

June 20, 2021 1

I don’t have friends I spend more time alone I self harmed I am suicidal my parents don’t seem to care enough what can I do

I lost my best frien


I lost my best friend 😔😔since then… Been depressed 💔😣😖.. I cry all night asking him to come back 💔😭😭it’s not been easy without him here i really need help

Hey I am A Nigerian

May 6, 2021 1

Hey I am A Nigerian I am Four weeks pregnant And my boyfriend says the only option Left is flushing the pregnancy out But am scared and Afraid of the Repercussions And My parent must not Know am pregnant Please assist what can I do

My name is Efe i ent

March 8, 2021 2

My name is Efe i entered the University a month ago everyone is complaining i don’t like socializing that is true 🤢i find socializing irritating especially in this university because of their behaviour 🤮🤧 i don’t know what to do about it because am tired of hearing complains

pls how can I pay fo

February 20, 2021 10

pls how can I pay for counselling here when I don’t have a bank account.But I have the money.I don’t have a bank account because I’m 14 years old and I can’t use my parents own because I can’t tell them about my problems talk less of telling them about therapy

6 years of marriage

February 13, 2021 3

6 years of marriage and I have 4 kids, no help and I go to shop everyday, depression it’s really killing me dat my kids begin to shake when dey sees me cos I scream at dem at any little thing am a nursing mother too my last baby is just three month