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Mental health issues of the young generation in Nigeria

The most common mental health problems that youngsters in the 20-30 age group in Nigeria are going through these days.

1. Relationship troubles:

Whether you are stressed at work or family life, it directly impacts your interpersonal relationships. People are getting increasingly stressed about how to maintain relationships.

2. Anxiety

This is why people need a digital detox from time to time! “Anxiety is the after-effect of social media. The need to be perfect, with filters on all the time,”  how social anxiety and social comparison are turning out to be spoilers.

“People tend to think, ‘Maybe I am not enough’, ‘I am working so much, but I am not upto that level.’ And that social anxiety has become very prominent in the post-Covid era”.

3. Sexual wellness:

This is the age when early professionals and college students explore their body and preferences. So, people have a lot of questions around sexual wellness.

4. Career:

The desire to reach career milestones leads to undue pressure and stress on people. They overthink things like, ‘Are we in the right job? Are we working with the right people?’ But talking about these things, instead of keeping the thoughts to yourself, will give you a feeling of validation