Relationship Counselling in Nigeria

You Can Improve Your Relationships

Because of the situation with COVID-19, the coronavirus pandemic, most counselling sessions have had to be online. We will therefore only be able to work with you over the telephone, Skype, Whatsapp, or some other form of on-line communication.

Struggling with relationship issues? Truthshare would like to help you.

At Truthshare, we help you connect with your professional counsellors that will help you couples and individuals achieve the outcomes you desire from your relationships.

If you decide to be connected to a therapist, we will focus on the underlying dynamics of your relationship. Your joint discoveries and understanding will then automatically bring change to the more superficial behavioral aspects. Also, the transformational benefits of your work will become integral to you, improving all your other relationships.

Gradually, you will find that:

Secure relationships reward you with a deep sense of satisfaction and empowerment that informs and improves all your other activities.

Effective relationships reward you on a daily basis by enriching your life experience and sense of success, no matter how you measure it.

Together, these qualities of relationship enhance your own self-esteem and self-love, and give you a deeper sense of appreciation, respect and love for your partner and even beyond.

The benefits of relationship counselling

At Truthshare relationship counselling we focus mainly on love relationships: marriage, cohabitation and dating. But the skills you learn in this arena will improve your relationships at work, in your friendship group, in your extended family and everywhere else.

The counseling process can help you achieve so much. By creating an atmosphere in which mutual growth and respect are honoured, it helps you to improve:

  • the emotional quality of your relationship so that each person’s daily happiness is enhanced;
  • the financial basis of your relationship. Greater contentment equates to greater financial stability. It also saves the extreme expense of a divorce, separation or business dissolution;
  • the physical quality of your relationship. This can mean a more satisfying sex life and also a greater level of fitness and lower incidence of illness;
  • the mentally stimulating quality of your relationship. The security of a sound relationship provides you with an environment in which creativity and innovative thinking can thrive;
  • the spiritual quality of your relationship. While not a requirement for all, those who wish to develop a spiritual aspect to their lives can do so far more effectively and profoundly when their partner is collaborating with them.

Less happily, your best path forward may mean that counseling helps you design a constructive and emotionally-sustainable divorce.

More often, it will lead to a new awareness of yourselves and each other and will open the doors to a richer relationship.

Seeking couple therapy?

Understandably, clients typically don’t approach me until they’re experiencing some form of crisis.


Sometimes the waves are just on the surface and may even be imaginary.

However, they often find that the crisis is a bit like the surface of the sea in a storm.

The waves are cruel and the movement is harsh and nauseating, but the underlying current is stable and determined.

Once they realise the illusory nature of the threat, they are able to move on to a richer, more creative future than they had experienced in the past.

Take the next step toward couple counseling

You can find out more about counselling and how to get with a counsellor here.