I’m so tall and im a girl
This has been my insecurity since i was 14 but now I’m 18 im taller than almost all the guys and there’s no girl that’s even taller than me or the same height…im always the taller one even tho it’s few inches
I just hate my height I don’t know my mom isn’t even that tall she’s like 5’5 and my dad is like 5’10 and im like an inch taller than my dad it’s really so annoying specially when people say im taller than my brothers and I’ll have to marry a shorter guy
Everyday i wake up I hope to be shorter but no I grow taller instead now i just wish i die
It’s not easy having what you despise so much
Im not saying tall is bad but im too tall
Why can’t i be 5’8 or 5’7 why almost or 6’0ft😭
I’ve checked online there’s nothing like height reduction
I even have exam im not preparing cos what have i been thinking of lately
My height my height my height 😭
I feel if i go to the university everyone will make fun of how tall i am

  • Truthshare
    8:43 AM, 29 July 2023

    It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different and that there is not one “ideal” height to which everyone should reach. Your value as a person is not based on your height or any other physical trait. Your value as a person derives from your personality, abilities, talents, and how you treat other people. You are so much more than just your height; People can be insensitive but try to remember that their words do not define you.

    it might be helpful to talk to a mental health professional about your feelings, they can provide you guidance to help you cope with your emotions and improve your self-confidence.

    Prioritize your personal growth and achievements rather than your height by pursuing your hobbies and passions and focusing on self-improvement. Take part in enjoyable activities that enhance your confidence and sense of self-worth and also appreciate your uniqueness.

  • Anonymous
    6:51 PM, 22 February 2024

    Comment I also feel insecure about my height not just height but long legs also

  • Anonymous
    9:40 PM, 28 March 2024

    Girl I get this sm I feel you but my mam and friends always bring me back down to earth when I complain abt the same thing. Everyone single one of my friends tell me they’d love to have my height and I never understood or believed them till I spoke to my very short friend (4”11) who told me she’s constantly anxious abt her height, it’s all about perspective! Boys always say it’s weird for a girl to b a lil tall but that’s insecurity because boys are judged purely based on their height. When I’m feeling insecure I just think about the positives my height has brought me, I’m good at sport, I don’t need to wear heels, I can command a room and feel confident because of my height! Hope this helps xx

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