I have a friend and we have been friends for almost 2 years now. We were both attached to each other. He made me feel like his girlfriend, he gives me 100% attention.
But suddenly everything changed when he started talking to this girl. He started being hostile, the attention was shifted and I communicated as soon as I noticed it but he made me feel like a fool.
We fought because of this issue, he said many bad things to me.
But recently he started dating the girl and everything has totally changed. He has turn into a stranger, he stopped caring for me and anytime I talked about this issue it will end up into an argument.

I tried leaving the friendship but it isn’t working.

What can I do?

  • Truthshare
    6:34 AM, 4 October 2023

    I’m sorry to hear that you and your friend are going through a challenging time. When a close friendship goes through such a sudden transition, it can be incredibly difficult.

    It might be a good idea to talk openly and honestly about how you’re feeling with your friend and try to understand his point of view as well.

    If he’s unwilling to communicate or if the situation continues to be unhealthy for you, it might be necessary to consider whether this friendship is worth maintaining. Remember, it’s important to prioritize your own well-being and happiness.

  • Haisha
    11:19 AM, 6 October 2023

    Situations like this with an opposite sex can be a bit challenging. But the truth is, from experience your friend was giving you attention because he likes to date you. Maybe he stopped because he noticed you weren’t giving him the response he wanted so he decided to go for the next option available.

    Regardless, the truth is sticking around will only hurt you more and hurt your self esteem.

    The truth remains that he now has a girlfriend, if he doesn’t treat you with respect like he used to because he now has a girlfriend, he obviously doesn’t want you sticking around like you used to.

    Excusing yourself from him might sound ridiculous but as a lady you deserve respect, don’t sell yourself cheap and low for someone who doesn’t deserve you.

    Seek out great friendship from people who doesn’t want a piece of you.

    I hope you make a great decision.

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