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I don’t know why any relationship I get into,I always come out wit heart break. I wonder y d guys I av Eva met Neva loved me for once d way I love them. They always treat me like I piece of trash.I will kill myself cause nobody loves me.

4 thoughts on “Anonymous”

  1. My dear, u allow ur self to be use by this men, some them what they experience from there previous relationship they want to deal with any girls that comes there way.
    I will truely tell u that someone love u, killing is not the option, learn from ur pass relationship u have engage into make it 50/50.
    Try and meet up a counsellor for some counseling.

    1. You can’t kill urself for anyone just because u aint been loved back…. Life still goes on even when u re dead… Just chill and live life to the fullest because u will soon meet someone that will truly love u not just because of ur physical appearance but ur inner heart dear.
      And u should try nd heal before jumping into another relationship after a breakup. Try and work on yourself. Examine those things ur dates have been complaining about before leaving. Try to love 50/50.

  2. a girl try and let the guy do most of the loving.with that he will have more value for you and respect you

  3. Hey sweetie, the best gift u can give to urself is a little bit of ur attention. Love yourself first. Believe that u can be fulfilled without the love of any man. Don’t hate urself because one guy trampled on ur love. U are better of without a man. Also, suicide isn’t an option. Choose to be happy. U are better than this. 💓

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